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Charitable Institute

The Portland Business Alliance understands that in order to ensure economic prosperity in the Portland region it is important to build partnerships with and give support to other non-profit organizations. In some cases, the burden of administrative and human resource requirements can overwhelm small organizations so the Alliance created the Charitable Institute, a 501(c)(3) corporation.

Since 1982, the Charitable Institute has served as an umbrella organization and provides administrative and human resource services for other nonprofits that align with the Alliance mission of ensuring economic prosperity in the Portland region.

Charitable Institute programs:

Chair’s Scholarship 

The Portland Business Alliance has a long history of supporting education in Oregon. Quality educational opportunities for students are key to growing a talented regional work force that can help attract, support and retain private-sector jobs. This focus has always included enabling access to postsecondary business study for everyone.  

Since 1905, the Portland Chamber of Commerce has awarded student scholarships and that tradition continues today with the Chair’s Scholarship. Started in 2010, the Chair’s Scholarship offers scholarships for students in  business-related fields of study at higher education institutions in Oregon. The scholarship honors the Alliance’s outgoing chair, who selects the recipient school.

The program is funded annually through personal and company contributions from Alliance members. Contributions are easy: A member simply has to check a box on their annual dues invoice indicating they want to make a contribution of $10 and that amount will be added to the dues bill. Any amount is welcome, and since the scholarship program will be administered by the Portland Business Alliance Charitable Foundation, the contribution is tax deductible. 

Citizens Crime Commission

Founded in 1988, the Citzens Crime Commission has provided leadership in the fight against crime by working with businesses, citizens, government officials, criminal justice representatives and lawmakers to make Oregon's state and local system more efficient, effective, and accountable.

The Citizens Crime Commission brings a unique business perspective to the criminal justice system that focuses on the greatest cost/benefit for public dollars spent. They continue to strive for a balance between prevention, intervention, and incarceration that will lead to the greatest crime reduction in our community.

Partners in Diversity

Partners in Diversity (PiD) works with companies to help recruit and retain professionals of color to the Portland region. PiD accomplishes this goal through educational programs for practitioners and CEOs, job postings and dissemination, a renowned and robust quarterly networking event, and promotional tours to help professionals become aware of all that Portland has to offer.

Kevin Montgomery Smith Fund

The Kevin Montgomery Smith Fund was founded after the untimely death of an Alliance staff member, Kevin Montgomery Smith, who was a dedicated advocate for the homeless population. The fund supports efforts to end homelessness in downtown Portland.

Portland Adopt-A-Belly Program

Founded in 2008, the Adopt-A-Belly program was created as a public-private partnership to sponsor BigBelly®, solar-powered waste compaction devices in Portland. Solar compaction increases cubic capacity at waste collection containers, reducing pollution by limiting the frequency of trash collection trips. The Portland Adopt-A-Belly program showcases businesses dedicated to making Portland a cleaner and greener place by promoting the use of renewable energy and resources, reducing solid waste, conserving energy and natural resources, and preventing pollution to improve the community's health and well-being.

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