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Clean & Safe District
Clean & Safe is a private, nonprofit organization that contracts with the Portland Business Alliance to provide enhanced cleaning and security services, marketing and economic development programs to downtown property owners. The district encompasses a 213-block area of downtown and is one of the oldest, largest and most successful business improvement districts in the nation. Businesses within this area elected to pay a fee to raise money that supplements publicly-financed services for neighborhood improvement, including cleaning, security, community justice services, market research and retail advocacy.

The Clean & Safe District manages:
  • Downtown Clean & Safe Program, which provides cleaning, security and community justice services.
  • Downtown Retail and Marketing Program, which focuses on market research, retail advocacy, marketing and communications; and the
  • Sidewalk Ambassador Program, which offers information and assistance to downtown visitors, residents and workers.
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Pacific Northwest International Trade Association (PNITA)
Pacific Northwest International Trade Association is a nonprofit trade association committed to promoting international trade through the Pacific Northwest region. The organization represents leading corporations and small businesses in Oregon and Washington who are exporters and importers in the fields of agriculture, manufacturing, and the service sectors.

PNITA promotes non-partisan support for international trade, works to develop policies that reflect the interests and consensus of its members who are dedicated to supporting global competitiveness under a fair and equitable trading system. The Alliance works with PNITA to organize trade missions to strategic trade partner countries. Learn more about the Alliance's trade missions and international trade work.

For more information, contact Doug Badger, PNITA Executive Director, by email or call 503.260.3235.


As a community-oriented organization, the Alliance collaborates with a variety of public and private partners to maintain a strong business community, vibrant region and central city.
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